Westmorland Woodfuel
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Locally sourced firewood from Cumbria's Eden Valley

Quality Firewood and Wood Processing Services

Westmorland Woodfuel is a firewood and wood processing company based in Cumbria's Eden Valley. We can supply you with locally grown firewood which has been air dried to less than 20% moisture content. We deliver our hardwood and softwood logs to Appleby and Penrith, as well as further afield.

Our logs can be supplied by volume either in loose trailer loads or in vented dumpy bags. Collection can be in person or delivery by arrangement. We charge according to distance but we try to keep costs down by stringing deliveries together.

We can also supply larger orders of log billets. These can be cut to size for central heating log boilers, open fires or larger wood burning stoves.

Eden Valley Logs and Firewood

Hardwood and softwood logs for sale

Locally grown, air-dried firewood logs with less than 20% moisture content. We also provide log billets - ideal for fuelling log boilers.

Woodfuel Extraction and Processing

Woodland services, extraction and processing

Efficient timber extraction and firewood processing services, tailored to meet your requirements.

Woodfuel Information and Resources

Woodfuel information and resources

Read about the importance of burning well-seasoned firewood and our dedication to providing low-moisture logs.

Westmorland Woodfuel


Kirkby Thore

Cumbria CA10 1XL


tel: 07557 334028