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Locally sourced firewood from Cumbria's Eden Valley

Seasoned Softwood and Hardwood Logs - We only sell dry logs that are ready to burn

We only supply properly seasoned air-dried logs. Our logs are split and moisture meter tested to ensure that they are under 20% moisture on despatch. We supply logs in bags as "loose logs" by volume. Prices shown below include FREE DELIVERY within approximately 15 miles of our yard at CA10 1XL Click here for delivery prices in excess of 15 miles.   If you can collect them yourself please contact me first to avoid disappointment. Prices for self-collection are lower.

We can supply smaller or larger volumes and offer a range of log sizes (lengths) to suit all sizes of log burning stove, open fire or log boiler. Some customers request all their logs to be cut to a small diameter (3-4" or 7.5- 10cm) which require more time to produce. We can only do this during the log burning season if we have pre-dried billets that we can re-process down to size. This is time consuming and we therefore charge and additional £20 for the extra effort required. Some customers might prefer to warm themselves up by splitting them down to this size with an axe but we understand that some don't want to risk it!

Firewood Logs in CumbriaLoad Sizes Explained

Our standard measure is 1 cubic metre, which is nearly 2 times the volume of a standard or "1 tonne" dumpy bag which is 0.512 cubic metres.

3/4 cubic metre is equivalent to 90x90x90cm of some log suppliers.

1/2 cubic metre is roughly equivalent to a "1 tonne dumpy bag" of some local log suppliers measuring 80x80x80cm.

Hardwood Log Prices (10" long logs):

1 m³ £90.00 (£83 collected)
3/4 m³ £78.00
1/2 m³ £60.00
1/4 m³ £34.00

Softwood Log Prices (10" long logs"):

1 m³ £75.00 (£68 collected)
3/4 m³ £67.00
1/2 m³ £52.00
1/4 m³ £29.00

Mixed Log 'Combo' (10" long logs):

1m³ hardwood + 1m³ softwood £158.00
1m³ hardwood + 1/2 m³ softwood £135.00
1m³ hardwood + 1/4 m³ softwood £113.00

 * Other Products to complete your order * see below for more details






* HAND CUT (BY US) SOFTWOOD KINDLING: Add a bag or two of proper hand cut kindling to your log order. None of those tiny pieces of kindling that are often sold, these are hand cut 10" long kindling sticks. Ideal to use with hardwood or softwood logs. We sell this in used sheep feed bags as we have a dislike of single use plastic nets. These bags have already fed the sheep and can be re-used again and again! No nonsense kindling at only £4.50 per large bag. Please check as we can only sell this if we have made it! 

* U.K. MADE NATURAL WOOD WOOL FIRELIGHTERS:  add a box of 24, 50, 100, or 200  pieces to your log order for £3, £5, £10, £17

If, like us, you  don't really like using traditional firelighters, then we have the solution. We are now stocking Natural "wood wool" firelighters. This natural firelighter has outstanding lighting properties and is suitable for lighting various materials without the need for paper or kindling.

Just one  of these  firelighters will burn for 8 to 12 minutes and is suitable for lighting barbeques,  stoves or open fires. They are much nicer to handle and use that standard firelighters and are safe to store in your house without nasty smells or risk to small children, though they should of course be put out of their reach.

Boxes  of wood wool firelighters can be can purchased with you log order (or without if you can wait until we are delivering in your area). Ask for a FREE SAMPLE to trial first if you aren't yet convinced!


* U.K. MADE HOTTIES HEAT LOGS:  add a 10 kg pack of 10 briquettes to your log order for £5.80, 5 packs for £27, 10 packs for £52, 25 packs for £125, 50 packs for £240^, full pallet 100 packs £420^. ^Please ask for a quote as prices to us have been increasing.

In my opinion these UK produced briquettes are the pick of the bunch for "convenience" wood fuel, offering far better performance and value than log nets. They burn very hot and give very high heat output, don't crumble or expand when burning. Heat output 4.9 kw/h/Kg. Average Burn time 120 min. 10 kg pack. 10 Logs per pack. Log size 8.5” x 2.75” x 2.75” ( 220 x 65 x65 mm). Pack size 13.5” x 8.5” x 5.5” (340 x 220 x 130 mm). Full Pallet 1000 x 1200 x 1500 mm. HETAS and Woodsure Plus approved biomass fuel for all stoves. https://www.woodfuel-direct.co.uk/hotties-heatlogs

* ALL BARK "NIGHT"  BRIQUETTES:  add a 20kg  pack of 20 briquettes to your log order for £15

This product is a fantastic new addition to your winter fuel collection. They do something that is hard to achieve even with dry hardwood logs. These briquettes are made from pure compressed conifer bark. They are designed to keep your stove in over-night to give you a rapid start in the morning, or if you are out during the day. They really do burn for 8 hours or more! Just pop one on burning embers before you go to bed/go out and reduce the air supply to a minimum. Upto 8 hours later (longer in our small stove) open up the air supply and add some dry wood and off it goes burning hot and clean. They burn so cleanly that they don't tar up your stove glass. They even allow you to keep a small modern (under 5 kW) stove going over-night.


PLEASE NOTE: Log prices shown above are including delivery within 15 miles of CA10 1XL and are subject to occassional changes. We deliver to Kirkby Thore village at the collection prices. We believe most customers don't want the traditional "load of logs" of dubious volume and moisture tipped on their drive or the nearest pavement, so for up to 5 metres cubed we deliver in convenient bags lifted off with our crane. The bags we deliver in are specialist log drying bags and are not part of the sale. They are no use for storing anything else and we hope to re-use them several times. We will arrange to collect them from you when we are next passing, or you can drop them off at our yard if it is convenient.

Log Boiler Billets

These are split metre lengths of firewood often referred to as "log billets". They are ideal for fuelling log boilers more efficiently with less handling than would be required with smaller log sizes. They can be delivered as metre lengths in round bale bundles and we can arrange wagon or flatbed trailer deliver for larger orders.  If necessary you can cross-cut to your ideal size using a chainsaw and simple sawhorse. Alternatively we can supply bulk orders of 20-25% moisture 45-50cm logs which are ideal for most log boilers. These are sold per cubic metre in loose loads filling your own trailer or we can deliver locally in tipping trailer loads upto 14 cubic metres or further afield via a 40 cubic metre bulk tipper wagon, if your access is suitable. Please enquire about bulk order prices. Please note that we are accredited under the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) to supply firewood for use in Log boilers which qualify for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).


Log Boiler Billet Prices 

Softwood cubic metre "stacked" 1m long log bundle price: £75/bundle.

Hardwood bundles £90/bundle.

Loose 50cm softwood logs £58 per cubic metre of loose logs. Please enquire as prices will change depending on timber prices.

These prices are excluding VAT which is 5% on firewood. 

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