Westmorland Woodfuel
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Locally sourced firewood from Cumbria's Eden Valley

Wood Extraction & Processing Services

We can offer efficient timber extraction and firewood processing services, tailored to meet your requirements.


We will consider undertaking small, local felling and extraction jobs where firewood production is the main objective.


We have a 9 tonne timber trailer with crane and boom mounted winch, ideal for most small woodland situations. We also have a tractor mounted winch.


We have a range of equipment for processing firewood, all of which is available for contract hire at negotiated rates.

Below is a video of our HAF "Profi Sägebock" Log Bundler in action. The USP of this piece of equipment is that once dry, logs can be put back into the cradle and a big guide-railed chainsaw used to cross cut to the length required. Options of 4 x 25cm, 3 x 33cm and 2 x 50cm logs.


We also have a Posch Splitmaster 30 - a 30t horizontal splitter designed to be ideal for lengths of up to 1.3m. We have the easysplit knife, which can be seen in action below:




Our Posch SpaltFix S-360 Firewood processor can cut, split and load in just one work cycle. The S-360 is the ideal processor for processing whole logs into billets.

Westmorland Woodfuel


Kirkby Thore

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tel: 07557 334028